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AIECES Outside You Projects83 days onward that i leave Danang, the beautiful place in Vietnam which i had spend 6 weeks and 3 days on the AIECES Outside You Project 2015/16. Being so freedom and delightful in the journey, it is so hard to forget those story and of course, anyone of YOU.

After coming back to my country-Malaysia, i had worked hard to share those amazing experiences in the journey by creating tips content, story telling and travel post. However, all are writing in Chinese. All of sudden i feel sorry because i didn’t create something that i can share with all my Vietnamese buddy.


I decide to have an English content about my 8 unforgettable moment in my AIECES Outside You Projects. If there have a lots of grammars mistake, unstructured sentences or wording errors, please forget my unprofessional on English content. (Well, i more confidence in writing in Chinese.)

8 unforgettable moment

(don’t you dare to forget)

#1  The Bike on the Road 

AIECES Outside You ProjectsThe 2/3 time of my journey spend on the road trip. I knew that Vietnam is an motorbike kingdom after i visited the Ho Chi Minh trip, since then i wish i can have a try on the busy and stimulate road. Having the opportunity to join the project and live in the city, it is now a daily basic to ride on the motorbike to go on those road trip and everyday schedule.

After all, i realize that it is true about everyone in the town master the riding skill, no matter any gender/occupation/location or occasion. My buddy in the city start riding from 17 (illegal) but that is a must for them to travel both from home to school. And me, being age of 24 and don’t even know how to start a bike? What a big joke!

Perhaps it is not a big deal. Riding on a bike? The unforgettable moment? come on don’t you have something else to share. For those outsider whom tried on the unusual and strange, another word amazing and wonderful Vietnam’s road trips, you might agree what i say.

I had experienced several road trip planned by the buddy team. From the first day that i failed to go on a bike, until i enjoy the moments, and having fun on the road trips, it just take my few day to change the mind.

I love the ‘knock knock’ on my door, it mean we need to go out and ride on the bike. And now, i am recall those ‘knock knock’, lets see what we did so far.

#2  On the top of Ban Co Peak

AIECES Outside You Projects

I forget which day it is, but we decide to have a ride to Ban Co Peak. 4 buddy and 4 interns with 4 bike, we depart early in the morning and heading to the location. Ban Co Peak is not a tourist place but it is local favorite places to relax and riding. We ride to the top up to 70o meter, pass by the curve and bent trod, mysterious way and unexpected smog.

Cold wind hit me in the face and the rugged road almost pull me down to the ground. We laugh at each other and still make fun of this. The journey is long, without knowing how many minutes, we reach the top of Ban Co Peak. Unfortunately the peak is surround by mist and block our views. We still having fun, because we are happy to be on top.

This is just an example of road trips in the 6 week. Can you recall those countless road? My buddy, perhaps i am not the only interns you take, but you are those buddy that i ever make in my life journey. (How lucky am i to have so much buddy? Ha) Every miles count.

#3  OMG ! The accidents?!

AIECES Outside You Projects

Yes, we had an accident when we on the road trips to Bach Ma Mountain. No serious injure but there are still someone blooding. Well i choose this as an unforgettable moments to share, because indeed, it is so unforgettable for me. I personally witness the process of the accident. From the uncontrolled break sound ‘CRUCKKK’ and the ‘POM’ sound when they both fell on the floor, all happen in 1 minutes before i shout the word ‘OH SHIT!’

Both of them hurt their knees and arms,  even one of them suffer on the face. Don’s even notice the broken bike. I already witness few accident (not serious) along the journey inVvietnam but i can’s believe it happen to my friends. Back then, we rush to the clinic nearby to disinfect and censor the worm. We already almost reach out destination, just in 30 minutes and we ride about 2 hours to be here.

We are OKEY to go back since our friends are hurting, but buddy decide to continue the trips(without going up the mountain). I am so appreciate all the effort and struggle of the buddy to face many difficulty  in accomplish their task to entertain us.

Hey buddy, PLEASE BE CAREFUL in any of your road trips!

#4  Poker game on the Uninhabited island

AIECES Outside You Projects

Another day of 2 interns and 4 buddy that we decide have a trips to Hoa Trung lake. Huh? Where is it? Seriously i don’t know and after so many trips i started to not questioning and just follow what had planned.(As long as we are going to have fun.)

Anjas, the Indonesia’s interns had go back to his country because of personal issues missed this trip.(Anjas, don’t cry!) 6 of us spend 2 hours riding on bike to an unknown and small village. It is an deserted countryside. We had tossed on the road to find the way in. Finally, we found an owner in a house nearby the village offer us a boat ride to the lake.

It take 15 minutes on the boat, a small and shaky boat to the lake. They all make fun of me because they knew i hate being on the boat.(I been experienced drowning in my young age).Fuh, save to arrive to one of the island. The boatman leave after he send us and promise to come back at appoint time.

After spending 3 hours to reach the island, with no one here, only 6 of us, we decide to play POKER GAME. What a experiences! Full of crazy and fun moments with laugh and shout.

#5  Meet the 1000 years old tree

AIECES Outside You Projects

Natural is the best teacher for human, no one can deny. I am so lucky to be here, touching the 1000 years old tree, having the same breath and experiences the atmosphere. This ancient tree has priceless meaning to the local, which represent the heritage and spirit.

Inspiration come when i walk around the area, how would it look like when it is 1000 years before? A small seed and now a ancient tree? Who knows how it undergo all the storm and wind.

*More info search about Son Tra Giant Banyan Tree in Danang.

#6  New year eve, Christmas eve and the Spring festival

AIECES Outside You Projects

On the new year eve, all of the bike go on the road, include all of us. It is a crazy town because all the road stuck by the bike, causing heavy traffic jam. We try our best to reach the big event in the field, after being lost/stuck/squeeze, we did it.

I enjoyed the 2016 first amaze and stunning firework here at Danang, with my buddy. Not only these, those surprise for the Christmas eve, Spring Festivals and each of the events had lighten the journey. As Em always say, we are those who far from our home but you all did the effore to make us feel like home.

How could i forget these touching and special moments?

#7  First picture of us, the 3 interns

AIECES Outside You Projects

Guest where it is?




Yup, i hope you get it right, it is at Danang Cham Museum. The lovely smile from Em (Filipino) and the cool boy from Anjas (Indonesian) are the 2 other interns in the entire projects. It mean, somehow we need to stick together for doing project, settle our meals, solving emotional problem, culture shock, personal trips, budgets advice and etc. In short, we are the his comrades.

Em, come from the business academic background, a warm and caring girl that always has a big smile on her face. She has great skills on creative and fun ideas to contribute to the team. Happy and a photo lover. In the other hand, Anjas is shy and quiet (by the beginning) but he turn up to be a funny guys that always bring joke to us. (How many time you want to fall down by walking on the street?haha) In fact, he own a great performance as his university’s ambassador and in engineering academic.

Em and Anjas, my memories creator. Miss you both.

#8  Field trip – ALL OF US

AIECES Outside You Projects

Last but not least, i wont forget the last activity we have – the ultimate field trip. This trip gather all our interns, buddies and of course our VIP, the participants to join in a road trips and travel to several spots.

Beside the memories with interns and buddies, i am also engaged with participants to run few of the events. Instead of trying to say i am going to inspire them, they had taught me and open my mind. I am sorry i still can’t remember all of you name, but i do remember each of your smiling face.(Just like the photo)

6 weeks end in a Happy Ending.

So is there only 8 unforgettable moment?

Of course the answer is ‘NO’. I can mention super multi of every story that are worth to tell, but i decide to mention these 8, because 8 is an ultimate number(for me). The project is ended, we are back to our country, holding our own position, chasing our own life. However, story in our life never come an end and believe me – Everything happen for a reason.

Enjoy your story and have a good journey indeed.❤

Buddies and interns, comment below and lets me know what yours unforgettable moments. 

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